Mr.Ahmed Shlash

Regional Sales

Mr.Mufaddal H. Bundiwala

Tempered/Toughened Glass

Specialist Glass Suppliers – A Rapid & Dependable Logistics Service

As specialist glass suppliers and processors, we don’t regard our work as finished until we have safely delivered our high-quality products to your site. For this reason, we manage our own transport, ensuring that you remain entirely in our expert hands, from the moment that you place an order, until you receive the goods that you have commissioned.

As we manage our own transport and renting container and as well as truck, we can ensure that the glass is handled with the utmost care during the delivery process, enabling us to pack your order so it is ready to unload, quickly and safely.

● Our standard packing method: with small rubber cushion between the glass panels

● For some special glass type which need protect the surface, we will packaging with protect film, use much more foam, bubble bag

● Special requirements: with paper between the glass panels, corner protection

● Special requirements: according to client, packing piece by piece

A dedicated team from carpentry, packing and dispatch execution team handles and ensure that glass panels are in perfect condition for transit time.

Tempered/Toughened Glass
Tempered/Toughened Glass

Equipment availability for large fleet of loading and unloading containers are accessible all year round as well as our trusted partner we’re equipped with the right tools and solutions to handle any contingencies and provide priority assistance.

We work closely with our customers to establish and agree standard delivery days to defined geographical locations, in order to assure both the efficient and flexible running of our fleet, and the security of our lead-times.

We also work with customers with specific stillage and trolley requirements. We are well versed in working with our clients to provide a seamless service from start to finish, from the size, design and specification of your products, to the mode, timing and location of the delivery.