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Ceramic frit glass is made of inorganic chromatography silk screening (or roller) to print images on glass’ surface, after drying and heat treatment process, ceramic printed image will permanently stay on the glass surface. Ceramic frit glass are rich with colorization, color stabilization and stunning appearance, customizable images, have incredible shading properties and great thermal control, ceramic frit glass has been widely use on architecture decorations.

Technical Specification

Process Type Screen printed, Spray painted, Roller Coating, Digital Printing
Glass Types Clear, extra clear, ultra clear, tinted, solar-control coated, low-E coated
Additional Process Compatibility Sand-blasting, acid-etching, holes, cutouts and notches
Product Enhancement Can be converted to insulated glass, laminated glass, FIRE-SAFETY glass, SECURITY glass and CREATIONS glass range.
Glass Thickness 4 mm to 19 mm
Edge Types Rough grind, arrised, Polished
Compressive Stress (Surface) A30 MPa to 51 MPa (4,300 psi to 7,500 psi) - Heat Strengthened;69 MPa (10,007 psi) minimum - Fully Toughened
Ink Makes Torrecid, Ferro
Dimensions Screen Print
Minimum Size 150 mm x 300 mm
Maximum Size 2100 mm X 3700 mm
Roller Coat
Minimum Size 150 mm X 300
Maximum Size 2200 mm X 5000 mm
Digital Print
Minimum Size 150 mm X 300 mm
Maximum Size 2200 mm X 5000 mm