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Anti-Slip Glass for floors passed the ANSI A137.1/A326.3 Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Test and the HB198:2014 (AS/NZS 4586) Pendulum Test with high values. High dynamic coefficient of friction values indicate potentially good traction.

Anti-Slip Glass for Floors is available as a laminated construction or monolithic tempered depending on project needs. GlasPro uses a high friction additive to etched ceramic frit applied to the top surface (walking surface) in a pattern (usually dots). In order to achieve the slip resistance as per our testing documents the surface coverage must exceed 40%.

Technical Specification

Process Type HS - SEL Glass printing - Horizontal Silk Screen Printing
Glass Types Clear, Extra Clear, Ultra Clear, Low Iron, Tinted
Additional Process Compatibility Safety Glazing(Tempered & Laminated) & Insulated Glass Unit
Product Enhancement Can be converted into Single Glass Unit, Laminated Glass Unit, Insulated Glass Unit
Glass Thickness 4mm To 19mm
Edge Types Rough Grind, Matt Finish, Polished
Dimensions Minimum Size = 600mm X 400mm
Maximum Size = 3700mm X 2100mm