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Enamelled / Back Painted is a clear or tinted glass with thermally glazed, opaque enamel coating on one side. Over time, it has evolved into a product that better meets the needs of facade designers, offering a whole host of solutions for multiple applications. The enamelled /ack painted glass is applied by means of a thermal treatment (toughening) at high temperature, making Colourable a safety glass, with supreme mechanical resistance and guaranteed colour stability. Through this approach, we have built up valuable experience in production and colour development techniques, creating an entire palette of enamels that combine high-resistance glass with rich colours that ooze style and sophistication. (See our full palette of Ral, Colourable and Evolution Colours) Some shades illustrated may not be representative of their true colour.

Metallic Enamelled / back painted glass is a toughened full-surface silkscreen printed glass with a contemporary "metallic look". The colours are especially deep and sparkling from a distance, adding a dash of style to both façades and interior applications. It can be supplied in no less than 6 standard colours. For outdoor applications an extra enamel coating is applied to protect it from the elements.

Technical Specification

Process Type HS - SEL Glass printing -Horizontal Roller Coating
Glass Types Clear, Extra Clear, Ultra Clear, Low Iron, Tinted
Additional Process Compatibility Safety Glazing(Tempered & Laminated) & Insulated Glass Unit
Product Enhancement Can be converted into Single Glass Unit, Laminated Glass Unit, Insulated Glass Unit
Glass Thickness 4mm To 19mm
Edge Types Rough Grind, Matt Finish, Polished
Dimensions Minimum Size = 600mm X 400mm
Maximum Size = 6000mm X 2200mm