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Heat Soaked glass is toughened safety glass which is subjected to a further heat test to reduce the risk of spontaneous breakage which can occur at a later date, perhaps up to two years or more after the glass has been installed. Spontaneous breakage can occur for a host of reasons; edge damage, poor glazing, impact damage or foreign particles such as nickel sulphide.

Although this is rare, in some circumstances it may be sensible to reduce the risk of spontaneous breakage by using Heat Soaked Glass.

Heat Soaking is often used in applications like; roof or high glazing, balustrades, screens in public places such as shopping malls and schools, where there is a legal requirement to satisfy the safety aspect of local and/ or national building codes and where frameless bolted glazing is involved.

Technical Specification

Process Type Vertical Heat Soak Furnace - 2340
Glass Types Clear, extra clear, ultra clear, tinted, solar-control coated, low-E coated
Additional Process Compatibility Ceramic-frit, digital printing
Product Enhancement Can be converted to insulated glass and laminated glass
Glass Thickness 4 mm to 19 mm
Edge Types Rough grind, arrised, Polished
Compressive Stress (Surface) 69 MPa (10007 psi)**
Emissivity Minimum 0.01***
Dimensions Minimum Size 400 mm x 800 mm
Maximum Size 3000 mm x 6200 mm