Mr.Ahmed Shlash

Regional Sales

Mr.Mufaddal H. Bundiwala

Tempered/Toughened Glass

GM's Message

As we embark on this next stage , it is not just corporate profile that has updated. We have also updated our website, our team and our focus to better reflect the way we help our clients in more effective manner with their architectural improvement and development. We have also seen multiple challenges and new trends emerging in glass processing, recognized immediately that we are particularly skilled in many different areas of providing solutions. With these new emerging markets, the need to look at the company’s message and how it will be perceived came as well. Innovating to make the business relevant to its new market is what we need to increase market share. Our mission will stay the same. We assure you for excellence in providing the best-in-class quality products and services with dedicated technical support for the local, regional and international markets in a timely and professional manner. We will continue to provide quality service with the same enthusiasm we have been doing for the past decade. This improvement in organizational structure to infuse professional experience and dedicated personnel will allow us to present ourselves as the most innovative and complete trusted glass processing company. Our commitment will remain our highest priority for our customers and partners.

Mr. EK. Murthy
General Manager

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