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Laminated glass is a sandwich of two sheets of glass with a special plastic interlayer like poly-vinyl butyral (PVB) in between. Depending upon the lamination process, laminated glass provides the best protection against injury as the glass pieces “stick” to the PVB upon breakage.

Glasstech laminated glass is available in a wide combination of glass types, thicknesses, solar-control coatings and PVB interlayer to meet the most complex design requirements at various performance levels.

Glasstech laminated glass offers superior safety and security against attacks, forced entry, storm resistance as well as providing excellent sound insulation, and a mechanism to combine various glasses for solar and heat protection.

Technical Specification

Process Type HP 25 – 00/YY 2545 – 00 – North Glass - Laminated Glass Production Line, followed by autoclaving
Glass Types Clear, extra clear, ultra clear, tinted, solar-control coated, low-E coated
Additional Process Compatibility Ceramic-frit, digital printing, sand-blasting, acid etching, holes, notches and cut outs
Product Enhancement Can be converted to curved glass, FIRE-SAFETY product range, SECURITY product range and CREATIONS product range
Unit Thickness Range 6.38 mm to 80 mm
Edge Types Rough grind, arrised, Polished
PVB / SentryGlas / Acoustic Kuraray Trosifol® (Japan/Germany),
Dimensions Minimum Size 300 mm x 600 mm
Maximum Size 2500 mm x 5500 mm