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BENT GLASS is a heat-treated (fully-toughened or heat-strengthened) glass that is bent to a single-radius profile through an advanced cylindrical bending system controlled though millimeter-precise integrated gear system. This ensures absolutely even curvature throughout the width of the glass. The heating is controlled through a high-powered top-and-bottom convection heating system that enables heat-treatment of the most advanced coatings available in the market. Along with this the machine is equipped with an advanced and precise cooling (or quenching) system to ensure minimum levels of iridescence. It is an extremely bespoke product in the architectural space, and can be used to create aesthetically stunning facades, interior partitions, frameless glazing, shower cubicles and furniture.

Technical Specification

Process Type NPW G5024+36-A - Horizontal Roller – Flat/Bent Glass Tempering Production Line
Glass Types Clear, extra clear, ultra clear, tinted, solar-control coated, low-E coated
Additional Process Compatibility Ceramic-frit, digital printing, sand-blasting, acid etching, holes, cut outs and notches
Product Enhancement Can be converted to insulated glass, laminated glass, bullet-resistant glass and burglar-resistant glass
Glass Thickness 6 mm to 19 mm
Edge Types Rough grind, arrised, Polished
Compressive Stress 30 MPa to 51 MPa (4,300 psi to 7,500 psi) - Heat Strengthened 69 MPa (10,007 psi) minimum - Fully Toughened
Emissivity Minimum 0.01***
Minimum Size 1000 mm (W) X 600 mm (H)
Maximum Size 2200 mm (W) X 3500 mm (H) for clear glass
2200 mm (W) X 3000 mm (H) for coated
Minimum Bending Radius 1000 mm (6 mm to 8 mm)
2000 mm (10 mm)
2500 mm (12 mm)
3500 mm (15 mm & 19 mm)