Mr.Ahmed Shlash

Regional Sales

Mr.Mufaddal H. Bundiwala


Welcome To Glasstech Gulf

Glasstech Industries B.S.C is the largest glass processing facility in Bahrain and one of the largest and most prominent players in the Middle East region with up to 1 million square meter of glass processing capacity per year.

A Certified Glass Processor from World Renowned Architectural Glass Manufacturers, Glasstech Industries specializes in providing its customers with a complete array of worldclass glass processing solutions – all under One Roof.

Mr.Ahmed Shlash

Regional Sales

Mr.Mufaddal H. Bundiwala


Our Product Range

Experience of more than 12 years work around the clock
to deliver high quality products and outstanding services to the local, regional and international markets.

Prime Projects

View some of the latest projects from Glasstech Industries ,
one of the largest and most technologically advanced ranges of processed glass in BAHRAIN

Production Capability & Capacity

Glasstech Industries processing facility employs state-of-the-art glass processing equipments and machineries that
ensure optimum quality finish with minimum wastage. This section will give you an overview of our technical abilities and product quality.


Fully automatic machine designed to out float glass and special glasses on the basis of the cutting wheel technology.


The machine's constructive feature allows SOFT GRINDING of sharp glass edges. Glass edges are ground using diamond-charged wet grinding belts to process the leading and trailing side of a glass edge simultaneously.


Tempered glass is treated glass that is strengthened by reheating it and suddenly cooling it. When shattered, it breaks into small pieces


Glasstech BENT GLASS is a heat-treated (fully-toughened or heat-strengthened) glass that is bent to a single-radius profile through an advanced cylindrical bending system controlled though millimeter-precise integrated gear system


Fully automated insulating line from Lisec, Austria with automatic 4-sided step glazing and auto-sealing system. Specialized schuco spacer sealing equipment to enhance quality of insulated glass product and accelerate insulating line processing


Laminated glass consists of two or more sheets of glass bonded together with one or more inner layers of transparent plastic (interlayer) to which the glass adheres if broken. The bonding is achieved by heating the glass/interlayer sandwich under pressure in an autoclave


Digital printed glass's key benefits lie in its unmatched customization potential, its ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of spaces with vibrant designs, its practicality in privacy and glare control


Silk-screening ceramic frit onto glass is an excellent way for architects and designers to create exciting new looks on their projects using patterns and colors.